The Persephone cape is wearable art with crocheted skulls & hand beaded crochet flowers. Dramatically flattering the head with a ruff constructed of beaded flowers, a figure flattering  décolleté & waist hemline.

The Persephone Cape

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Inspired by the myth of Persephone & Hades, this entirely handmade cape is wearable art. Flowers & skulls were meticulously crocheted then the flowers were hand beaded further to mimic the decadence of nature and the cycle of life. No two skulls or flowers are alike with the process taking nearly 3 months to complete. Details like the custom created frog closure contain 6 red beads, which represent the pomegranate seeds Persephone ate during her stay in Hades. The combination of skulls and flowers signify the Persephone's dual role as goddess of spring and the queen of the underworld.

Dramatically arranged to flatter by framing the head with a ruff constructed of flowers and a hemline that accents the décolleté, and waistline. The bold statement nature of the cape treads wearable art territory, but easily could become the perfect showstopping piece for a unique bride on her special day. The cape could still used to create a variety of looks limited only by one's imagination.

Measurements are 17.5" shoulders, 15" center back bottom edge to neckline and 3" from center back neckline to edge totaling 18" on center back line.

Custom orders accepted. Please contact us for further details. Anticipate 2-3 month minimum wait for new orders depending on complexity and size.