The Obi Pocket Belt

BYOP- Bring your own pocket!

M Voli E @ House of Mars

Inspired by historical & ethnic clothing, designed for modern tastes & needs.

Why House of Mars?

House of Mars is determined to empower women with their own dark and daring sense of style, to realize their unique vision every day.

In a world of trend and fast fashion, declaring your personal style is a revolutionary act- House of Mars wants to help you lead that charge through the belief there there is magic and power in style. If you share this belief, if you know that putting on your favorite outfit makes the day better or power lipstick helps you through a rough moment, then you are in the right place. We aim to provide clothing and accessories that cater to independent spirits.

Our items are thoughtfully designed and share a winking love of the dark side of style. Guided by this vision: our creations are made in the U.S.A, often right in the fashion capital of New York City. Moreover, they are literally not for everyone; instead due to the special nature of the clothing, most pieces are limited edition.  Because we do so strongly believe independent spirts can require extra special things, we also accept custom orders in addition to the collections presented.

Make every day magical, stay true to you.

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