Heart in Hand Love Token Reticules

Heart in Hand Love Token Reticules

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Each one of a kind wrist bag could be a gift in itself, but is also the perfect & unique way to gift a passionate love letter and small tokens of adoration. Perfect for marking special occasions like anniversaries and weddings. A unique, hand made, love tribute to be worn time and time again and can fit small cell phones, lipstick, id's and some cash. Generally inspired by the concept of giving one's heart to their beloved & secret societies, the themes of each hand crafted reticule more specifically is inspired by a combination of historical lovers, vintage Valentine cards, books and movies. More details on each of these:

Caught in Your Web Reticule: Inspired by a vintage Valentine's day card, brocade roses in an electric blue brocade fabric is embroidered with silver spiderwebs that even catch the fingers together. Beads accent the spiderweb and pink beads create a delicate heart in the center of the sparkling web on one side and on the other side matching pink embroidery has a spider dangling off the words "Caught in Your Web".  A silky corded rope is the drawstring closure with enough length to be able to dangle off the wrist.

Eternal Love Reticule: Red. The color of blood and passion is the base for a reticule inspired by an ancient love that traveled "oceans of time" to be found. Gold lace, gold beading and gold hand embroidery decorate the purse which declares "Eternal Love" across a wild heart. Inky black fringe encircle the drawstring closure. This bag is the longest giving a little extra space to tuck in your offerings to the "light of all lights" of your life and undeath.

I Love but Thee Reticule: Grey might be demure but the passionate declaration "I Love but Thee" embroidered on a ribbon,  changes things faster than a Shakespearean plot twist! In case there is still any doubt, the brilliant red velvet heart surrounded with black and gold embroidery on the other side should clear up things. Ribbon roses are showered throughout the piece for "of all flowers, methinks a rose is best". A silky corded rope is the drawstring closure with enough length to be able to dangle off the wrist. 

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