Black Crayons Box XL Organic Cotton Tote Bag

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Wearing black until they make something darker?
Have we got the statement tote bag for you! A sophisticated yet tongue in cheek nod to different shades of black in a crayon box dedicated to that infamous color.

The graphic isn't the only thing special here. Our bag is constructed from premium 9oz organic cotton for the body & organic cotton web for the handles. What that means is untreated, non-GMO  seeds are planted in strong soil that is enriched using crop rotation methods, requiring less water. Further growth is promoted by hand hoeing weeds, using beneficial insects in addition to trap crops that lure pest insects away. Organic harvesting relies on seasonal freeze or water management methods instead of toxic chemicals. In more technical terms this cotton adheres to organic standards outline in USDA National Organic Program (NOP), the EU standard: EEC 2092/2091, and the Japanese standard: JAS. So even if your in head to toe super villain black, you're a good guy with this bag at your side.

Other stuff you will be happy to know, is this an extra large and sturdy shoulder bag with extra reinforced edging. You can easily fit all the things you need to keep you going through the day, lunch, a laptop, or a change of shoes will not be an issue to fit inside. The dimensions are: 12.5"W x 14.5"H x 7"D; handle length 24.25". By the way, the photos were lightened to show the details of the bag because this black is the inkiest, pitchiest, and the most raven blackest of black. And isn't that what it's all about?