Olive Lucet Cord Twist Bracelet with Labradorite Stones

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Six faceted Labradorite stones  are hand sewn together with luxurious cashmere/silk lucet cording into a classic and ancient twist pattern. Although Labradorite might appear to be a humble stone, otherworldly blues, greens and golds spark up from deep within randomly as the wearer moves and the bracelet changes angles .  It's easy to understand why Labradorite is reputed to be a stone of transformation, strength, balance, perseverance, intuition and enhancing psychic abilities.
The distinctive, square lucet cording is hand knit according to a historical technique. Lucet cording dates back to medieval times, being used by the Vikings, all the way across Europe, with examples found in specific Croatian men's belts.
Please note, this listing is exclusively for only one bracelet, although two bracelets are available as well as the companion necklace. The three pieces were originally designed to be worn together as a set, but can be worn individually. Hand made from M Voli E, exclusively available online at House of Mars.