Cosmic Earrings

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Put the stars everyone's eyes with your own Zodiac sign earrings.   

Astrology glyphs in graphite colored glitter of your Sun sign or Sun & Moon sign if you are feeling more adventurous, will dazzle all night.  Each sign is hand crafted through a multi step process of pouring resins, drying, sanding and re-coating. The effect creates a lightweight tile (perfect for earrings) that resembles vintage glass and the celestial sparkle of the zodiac sign .

The design of the zodiac glyphs are an artistic collaboration between the designer Marijana Sprajc and her artist father Anton Sprajc.

When ordering the earrings please include the Sun sign or Sun & Moon sign in the purchase note that are to be used.

As each earring set is custom made, please allow 1-3 weeks for manufacturing process. Please contact us to see if rush orders are possible and for any other customization requests.